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Seoul Design Olympiad

by |October 20th, 2009

The Urban Design Lab (UDL) was invited to participate in the Seoul Design Olympiad in South Korea in October 2009. This competition called for designers from all over the world to explore projects related to sustainability in the city of Seoul. The exhibit content focused on the theme “Architecture: A User Manual” and the UDL… read more

Transcending The Discipline

by |October 2nd, 2009

Richard Plunz, director of the Urban Design Lab, spoke at Transcending The Discipline, the 5th International Urbanism and Urbanization Ph.D. Seminar, held at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium in October 2009. Plunz was involved in discussions on highly innovative topics related to urban development on five continents at the conference, which was organized by the… read more

Hancock and the Marcellus Shale: Gas Extraction along the Upper Delaware

by |September 24th, 2009

The Urban Design Lab (UDL) announced in September 2009 its publication of Hancock and the Marcellus Shale: Visioning the Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction along the Upper Delaware, the fourth in a series of documents produced in conjunction with graduate level research seminars in the Urban Design Program at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and… read more

Redesigning “Urban Green”: Urban Ecology Studio

by |September 12th, 2009

Engineering and architecture students gathered for their first studio class in September 2009, eager to meet the challenge of Nilda Mesa, then-Assistant Vice President of Columbia University’s Office of Environmental Stewardship, to start at home: how to make Columbia University produce 50 percent less waste, use 50 percent less energy, and consume 50 percent less… read more

Dongtan-2: A Premise for Urban Living

by |June 18th, 2009

Richard Plunz and Richard Gonzalez of the Urban Design Lab (UDL) presented  preliminary research on the Dongtan-2 New Town Development Strategy to the Korean Planners Association and other advocacy groups in Seoul, South Korea in June 2009. The project examined the second phase of the Dongtan master plan extension, the new town development projected to… read more