Three Ecologies and Economies: Kharkov, Gulin, Accra


The subject of this studio is a dialogue between Kharkiv, Ukraine, Gulin, China, and Accra, Ghana. It contrasts three urban centers within the contexts Europe, Asia, demonstrating that these old cultural centers are entering new phases of redevelopment related in part to that cultural heritage. While all are entering significant periods of economic development, they feature sharply contrasting circumstances. In each city, the study focuses on carefully chosen elements within the overall redevelopment contexts.

Urban Design Studio III Spring 2011
Critics: Richard Plunz (Director), Michael Conard, Alberto Foyo, Petra Kempf, Geeta Mehta, Shue Tshen

More about this Studio at MSAUD 2011

Accra Research Project & Accra Publication

Gulin Research Project & Gulin Publication