Urban Development in Accra, Ghana: An Implementation Toolkit

Nima East overview Courtyard in Ga Mashie PeopleImage_PW_FC_01 Market Sq Rendering MIC - Street as extension of market Top Down - Water as urban reconfiguration before and after
Top Down - Water as urban reconfiguration before and after

The Urban Design Program at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), and the Urban Design Lab (UDL) at the Earth Institute, in collaboration with the Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI), are pleased to be instrumental in developing this strategic analysis of the Ga Mashie and Nima neighborhoods in Accra, Ghana, together with a “toolkit” for realizing these potentials.

The Accra study articulates investment options that are necessary to realize development opportunities and their correlation with the most effective outcomes. The toolkit approach includes major interventions as well as community centered micro-improvements enabling differing economic interests and stakeholders related to Accra development to easily determine possible project combinations and trajectories. This project is the outcome of a collaborative agreement between the Earth Institute and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) around exploration of urban development issues in a number of specific neighborhoods, including Nima East and Ga Mashie. The UDL’s preliminary involvement began in July 2010, leading to the Spring Semester 2011 Urban Design Studio, and the post-studio work undertaken subsequently. The Ga Mashie and Nima East neighborhoods were studied with the guidance of local stakeholder groups. Further development of this approach is currently underway in Kumasi, Ghana, also in collaboration with the MCI and the Urban Design Program.

Editors and Designers:  Richard Plunz, Kathy Kurtak, Racha Daher

Urban Development in Accra, Ghana publication